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import argparse
from cdm.wks import parse_manifest_ism
def main():
# Create an ArgumentParser object and add the 'urls' argument
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Script for parsing Smooth Streaming manifest URLs.')
help='The URLs to parse. You may need to wrap the URLs in double quotes if you have issues.',
# Parse the arguments
args = parser.parse_args()
# Iterate over the provided URLs
for manifest_link in args.urls:
kid, stream_info_list, encoded_string = parse_manifest_ism(manifest_link)
# Print information for each stream
for stream_info in stream_info_list:
type_info = stream_info['type']
codec = stream_info['codec']
bitrate = stream_info['bitrate']
resolution = stream_info['resolution']
if type_info == 'video':
print(f'[INFO] VIDEO - Codec: {codec}, Resolution: {resolution}, Bitrate: {bitrate}')
elif type_info == 'audio':
language = stream_info['language']
track_id = stream_info['track_id']
print(f'[INFO] AUDIO - Codec: {codec}, Bitrate: {bitrate}, Language: {language}, Track ID: {track_id}')
# Print PSSH information
print('\n[INFO] PSSH:', encoded_string)
if __name__ == "__main__":