Self hosted web application to decrypt Widevine protected content written in Python alongside Flask
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What is this?

An open source web application written in python to decrypt Widevine protected content.


  • Python with PIP installed

    Python 3.12 was used at the time of writing


  • Open your terminal and navigate to where you'd like to store the application

  • Create a new python virtual environment using python -m venv CDRM-Project

  • Change directory into the new CDRM-Project folder

  • Activate the virtual environment

    Windows - change directory into the Scripts directory then activate.bat

    Linux - source bin/activate

  • Extract CDRM-Project 2.0 git contents into the newly created CDRM-Project folder

  • Install python dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt

  • (Optional) Place your .WVD file into /databases/WVDs

  • Run the application python