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Created by @TPD94 and proxy function by Radziu

Based on pywidevine

How to use the bot:

  1. Create CDRM-Bot folder

  2. Extract files to new folder

  3. Insert discord bot token into /discord/bot-token.txt

  4. Insert .WVD into /helper_scripts/TPD_Keys/CDMs

  5. Install the requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt

  6. Run the bot with python main.py

  7. Use /decrypt in your discord and fill out pssh, license_url, auth_bearer (optional), x_dt_auth (optional)

for authorization please post everything between the quotes including the word Bearer like so

Bearer tokenthatslongasfuck

for x-dt-auth-token enter the token as shown


So far only works with sites that require only the 'Authorization': header and x-dt-auth-token: header . So far this includes HBO Max, Hulu, Disney, Spotify, TheRokuChannel etc..

Available commands

/decrypt - Decrypts widevine protected content

/search_database - Checks database for cached key by refrencing PSSH

/key_count - Sends message with total number of PSSH with keys cached.

/upload_database - Uploads database to fileditch

/uwu - Will send a NSFW picture to a specified channel (line 130)