A Udemy downloader that can download lectures, with DRM support.
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Udemy Downloader with DRM support

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  • This tool will not work without decryption keys. Do not bother installing unless you already have keys or can obtain them!
  • If you ask about keys in the issues, your message will be deleted and you will be blocked.
  • Downloading courses is against Udemy's Terms of Service, I am NOT held responsible for your account getting suspended as a result from the use of this program!
  • This program is WIP, the code is provided as-is and I am not held resposible for any legal issues resulting from the use of this program.


Utility script to download Udemy courses, has support for DRM videos but requires the user to acquire the decryption key (for legal reasons).
Windows is the primary development OS, but I've made an effort to support Linux also (Mac untested).


The following are a list of required third-party tools, you will need to ensure they are in your systems path and that typing their name in a terminal invokes them.

Note: These are seperate requirements that are not installed with the pip command! You will need to download and install these manually!

  • Python 3
  • ffmpeg - This tool is also available in Linux package repositories.
    • NOTE: It is recommended to use a custom build from the yt-dlp team that contains various patches for issues when used alongside yt-dlp, however it is not required. Latest builds can be found here
  • aria2/aria2c - This tool is also available in Linux package repositories
  • shaka-packager
  • yt-dlp - This tool is also available in Linux package repositories, but can also be installed using pip if desired (pip install yt-dlp)


quick and dirty how-to

You will need to get a few things before you can use this program:

  • Decryption Key ID
  • Decryption Key
  • Udemy Course URL
  • Udemy Bearer Token (aka acccess token for udemy-dl users)
  • Udemy cookies (only required for subscription plans - see Udemy Subscription Plans)

Setting up

  • rename .env.sample to .env (you only need to do this if you plan to use the .env file to store your bearer token)
  • rename keyfile.example.json to keyfile.json

Acquire Bearer Token

  • Firefox: Udemy-DL Guide
  • Chrome: Udemy-DL Guide
  • If you want to use the .env file to store your Bearer Token, edit the .env and add your token.

Key ID and Key

It is up to you to acquire the key and key ID. Please DO NOT ask me for help acquiring these, decrypting DRM protected content can be considered piracy. The tool required for this has already been discused in a GitHub issue.

  • Enter the key and key id in the keyfile.json
  • keyfile example
  • example key and kid from console


To download a course included in a subscription plan that you did not purchase individually, you will need to use cookies. You can also use cookies as an alternative to Bearer Tokens.

The program can automatically extract them from your browser. You can specify what browser to extract cookies from with the --browser argument. Supported browsers are:

  • chrome
  • firefox
  • opera
  • edge
  • brave
  • chromium
  • vivaldi
  • safari

Ready to go

You can now run the program, see the examples below. The course will download to out_dir.

Advanced Usage

usage: main.py [-h] -c COURSE_URL [-b BEARER_TOKEN] [-q QUALITY] [-l LANG] [-cd CONCURRENT_DOWNLOADS] [--disable-ipv6] [--skip-lectures] [--download-assets]
               [--download-captions] [--download-quizzes] [--keep-vtt] [--skip-hls] [--info] [--id-as-course-name] [-sc] [--save-to-file] [--load-from-file]
               [--log-level LOG_LEVEL] [--browser {chrome,firefox,opera,edge,brave,chromium,vivaldi,safari}] [--use-h265] [--h265-crf H265_CRF] [--h265-preset H265_PRESET]
               [--use-nvenc] [--out OUT] [--continue-lecture-numbers]

Udemy Downloader

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c COURSE_URL, --course-url COURSE_URL
                        The URL of the course to download
                        The Bearer token to use
  -q QUALITY, --quality QUALITY
                        Download specific video quality. If the requested quality isn't available, the closest quality will be used. If not specified, the best quality will be
                        downloaded for each lecture
  -l LANG, --lang LANG  The language to download for captions, specify 'all' to download all captions (Default is 'en')
                        The number of maximum concurrent downloads for segments (HLS and DASH, must be a number 1-30)
  --disable-ipv6        If specified, ipv6 will be disabled in aria2
  --skip-lectures       If specified, lectures won't be downloaded
  --download-assets     If specified, lecture assets will be downloaded
  --download-captions   If specified, captions will be downloaded
  --download-quizzes    If specified, quizzes will be downloaded
  --keep-vtt            If specified, .vtt files won't be removed
  --skip-hls            If specified, hls streams will be skipped (faster fetching) (hls streams usually contain 1080p quality for non-drm lectures)
  --info                If specified, only course information will be printed, nothing will be downloaded
  --id-as-course-name   If specified, the course id will be used in place of the course name for the output directory. This is a 'hack' to reduce the path length
  -sc, --subscription-course
                        Mark the course as a subscription based course, use this if you are having problems with the program auto detecting it
  --save-to-file        If specified, course content will be saved to a file that can be loaded later with --load-from-file, this can reduce processing time (Note that asset
                        links expire after a certain amount of time)
  --load-from-file      If specified, course content will be loaded from a previously saved file with --save-to-file, this can reduce processing time (Note that asset links
                        expire after a certain amount of time)
  --log-level LOG_LEVEL
                        Logging level: one of DEBUG, INFO, ERROR, WARNING, CRITICAL (Default is INFO)
  --browser {chrome,firefox,opera,edge,brave,chromium,vivaldi,safari}
                        The browser to extract cookies from
  --use-h265            If specified, videos will be encoded with the H.265 codec
  --h265-crf H265_CRF   Set a custom CRF value for H.265 encoding. FFMPEG default is 28
  --h265-preset H265_PRESET
                        Set a custom preset value for H.265 encoding. FFMPEG default is medium
  --use-nvenc           Whether to use the NVIDIA hardware transcoding for H.265. Only works if you have a supported NVIDIA GPU and ffmpeg with nvenc support
  --out OUT, -o OUT     Set the path to the output directory
  --continue-lecture-numbers, -n
                        Use continuous lecture numbering instead of per-chapter
  • Passing a Bearer Token and Course ID as an argument
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> -b <Bearer Token>
    • python main.py -c https://www.udemy.com/courses/myawesomecourse -b <Bearer Token>
  • Download a specific quality
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> -q 720
  • Download assets along with lectures
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-assets
  • Download assets and specify a quality
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> -q 360 --download-assets
  • Download captions (Defaults to English)
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions
  • Download captions with specific language
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions -l en - English subtitles
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions -l es - Spanish subtitles
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions -l it - Italian subtitles
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions -l pl - Polish Subtitles
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions -l all - Downloads all subtitles
    • etc
  • Skip downloading lecture videos
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --skip-lectures --download-captions - Downloads only captions
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --skip-lectures --download-assets - Downloads only assets
  • Keep .VTT caption files:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --download-captions --keep-vtt
  • Skip parsing HLS Streams (HLS streams usually contain 1080p quality for Non-DRM lectures):
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --skip-hls
  • Print course information only:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --info
  • Specify max number of concurrent downloads:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --concurrent-downloads 20
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> -cd 20
  • Cache course information:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --save-to-file
  • Load course cache:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --load-from-file
  • Change logging level:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --log-level DEBUG
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --log-level WARNING
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --log-level INFO
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --log-level CRITICAL
  • Use course ID as the course name:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --id-as-course-name
  • Encode in H.265:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --use-h265
  • Encode in H.265 with custom CRF:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --use-h265 -h265-crf 20
  • Encode in H.265 with custom preset:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --use-h265 --h265-preset faster
  • Encode in H.265 using NVIDIA hardware transcoding:
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --use-h265 --use-nvenc
  • Use continuous numbering (don't restart at 1 in every chapter):
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> --continue-lecture-numbers
    • python main.py -c <Course URL> -n

If you encounter errors while downloading such as

errorCode=1 Network problem has occurred. cause:Unknown socket error 10051 (0x2743)


errorCode=1 Network problem has occurred. cause:A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network.

Then try disabling ipv6 in aria2 using the --disable-ipv6 option


if you want help using the program, join my Discord server or use GitHub Issues



All code is licensed under the MIT license

and finally, donations!

Woo, you made it this far!

I spend a lot of time coding things, and almost all of them are for nothing in return. When theres a lot of use of a program I make, I try to keep it updated, fix bugs, and even implement new features! But after a while, I do run out of motivation to keep doing it. If you like my work, and can help me out even a little, it would really help me out. If you are interested, you can find all the available options here. Even if you don't, thank you anyways!